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The Secret Life of Laird Barron 1

Those of you who know Laird Barron know that his life before he started publishing his stories is a series of blank spots.  Although I consider him one of my closest friends, I realized the other week that, while he knows a great deal about my life, I know next to nothing about his.  Yes, every now and again, if he's had enough single-malt, he'll spin some tale about racing the Iditarod.  Those stories, though:  they don't add up.  Sometimes he's the only eight year old ever to have competed, after which, he enjoyed a brief career voicing a muppet on Sesame Street.  Other times, he dragged the sled while his dogs rested in it, which brought him to the attention of PETA, who hired him to pose nude for a series of ads in Soldier of Fortune.  Upon occasion, I've pressed him on the inconsistencies in his stories, only to have him strip off his shirt and challenge me to a cage match.  Clearly, if I wanted to know more about my friend, I would have to turn to other sources.  I would have to turn to the writers, those who have known him, and those who have known of him.  I put out a request for information, expecting one or two responses at most, but so far, what has poured in has far exceeded my modest expectations.  I'm posting links to the first series of replies I've received below; more is to come.

 From Norman Partridge

From Brian Keene:  

From Richard Gavin

From Simon Strantzas

From Nate Southard

From Mike Kelly

From Kurt Dinan

 From Lee Thomas: 

From Sarah Langan:

From Gemma Files

From Ian Rogers

From Nick Kaufmann

From Jeff Ford

From Steve Berman:
From S.J. Bagley

From Paul Tremblay

From Stephen Graham Jones
From Orrin Grey
From Nick Mamatas

From Michael Cisco

From Jack Haringa

From Nathan Ballingrud 

From Will Ludwigsen

From F. Brett Cox

From Joe Pulver

From John Langan

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